Zak (VO English) –


ZAK (VO-english)

Bridget Belgrave (Auteur) Paru en 2003

At the end of an amazing summer holiday, Zak, age 11, decides to write his life story, because he wants people to understand his unusual experiences. He describes looking out from inside his mother’s tummy, being born flying, learning to talk with animals, his inner ‘not nowhere’ world, and the adventurous and mysterious summer he spends on River Island. There, he encounters the wondrous ‘zing’ that develops where nature is undisturbed by humans, and meets Leah, age 8, who to his surprise also talks with the animals, and becomes his best friend. Loved by boys and girls, 7 to 12 years old, “ZAK” is a book which parents and teachers are delighted to discover. It addresses the roots of present day dilemmas – how to preserve our climate and planet, and how human beings can create peace.

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